We are very excited to announce 2015 Sylvan Beach Pirates Weekend on July 16-19! We’ve updated the schedule and itinerary and we aaarrrrrreeee very excited to see everyone again!

Pirate Head

ARRRGGHHH!!!!! Ahoy all ye scrappling scoundrels and balmy bilge rats! We raided yer scurvy-ridden port a year back… and you can bet yer hindquarters we’ll be back for more pillaging! It’s a pirate thing!

I’m Captain Jack Darrow and my crew of grog guzzling scallawags’ll be commandeering yer Beach again real soon! We’ve sailed the cursed seas for months now so we’ve got a mighty thirst and we’re spoilin’ for some trouble.

The scuttlebut is your swarthy bar wenches serve up the stoutest grog this side of Davey Jone’s Locker, so you know we’ll be havin’ our share! It’ll you no good to try and gide yer children… we’ll take ’em and turn ‘em into swashbuckling, seafaring, salt in their veins little pirate knaves!

Best thing for you to do is try to blend in. Climb into some pirate garb and pray we’re too bleary eyed to notice yer just a wretched landlubber.